The After-sales department offers two kinds of interventions: indoor and outdoor.
The indoor service relates to the workshop that deals with all equipment brought in by customers at our After-Sales Service Desk, and by technicians for repairs that cannot  be carried out at customer sites. The outdoor service deals with all interventions at customer sites. Technicians are sent out according to a planning based on prior customer requests for maintenance and/or  repair works.
Warranty period 
Typically, our equipment are covered against manufacturing defects for a period of one year (labour, spare parts and transport in the case of non-movable equipment).  However, the conditions of sale shall prevail at time of request for service because different types and makes of equipment may have different warranty periods and/or  conditions.
Maintenance agreements
Maintenance Agreements are efficient tools that help reduce downtime and help in the planning & budgeting exercise. There are different maintenance agreements for different  types of equipment but typically, ours cover labour & transport, but exclude parts. The latter are charged separately at a discounted price specified in the contract.
Spare parts
Though it is practically impossible to stock all parts of all the different equipment sold, it is our policy to hold the critical and the fast-moving ones, recommended by our suppliers and based on our long-standing experience.
Moreover, with modern communication means of today’s world, suppliers can be contacted instantly and orders placed and shipped via express courier to make sure that customers’ operations are minimally disrupted.
Training is a key to our organisation. Training plans are set up and followed to make sure both technical and administrative personnel are constantly up-to-date in this changing world by following local and international training sessions. Besides formal classroom training, web-based and other e-training material is also made available to our employees and they can consult the documents as and when required.