Marine Lubricants

Caltex Marine Lubricants

COROI Maurice distributes a large selection of Caltex lubricants including high-performance turbine and diesel power unit lubricants, highly robust greases, hydraulic fluids and high-end lubricant products designed to enhance productivity and efficiency of marine activities.

  • Diesel Engine Oils
Slow-speed, two-stroke crosshead engines (60 – 250 rpm)
Taro® Special HT 100 - NEW
Taro Special HT 55
Taro Special HT 70
Taro Special HT LS 40
Veritas® 800 Marine 20, 30
Medium-speed, four-stroke trunk piston engines (400 – 1000 rpm)
Delo® 1000 Marine
Taro® XL Series (Taro 40 XL, Taro 50 XL)
Taro DP Series (Taro 20 DP, Taro 30 DP)
High-speed, four-stroke engines (> 1000 rpm)
Delo® 400
Delo 400 LE
Delo 6170 CFO 40
  • Turbine Oils
Regal® R&O
  • Hydraulic Oils
Rando® HDZ
Clarity® Synthetic Hydraulic Oils AW (32, 46, 68)
Rando HD
  • Grear Oils
Pinnacle® Marine Gear
  • Compressor Oils
Capella® HFC
Capella WF
Cetus® DE
Cetus PAO
Compressor Oil EP VDL
Cetus HiPerSYN
  • Speciality Products
Havoline XLI cooling water treatment