With a portfolio including a wide array of professional laundry equipment as well as backup support in terms of configuration, lay-out to installation, COROI Maurice provides customised solutions to specific needs of any business activity: commercial laundries, launderettes, drycleaners, hotels of any category and size, restaurants, health care industry, cleaning companies amongst others.
Below a list of our major product categories:
  • Washers extractors, front-load, side-load and barrier washers
  • Tumble dryers
  • Finishers
  • Spotting tables
  • Presses, dry-work presses, wet-work presses
  • Ironers, feeders, folders and stackers
  • Trolleys, tables, etc.
COROI Maurice is the authorised distributor of Electrolux Laundry Systems (ELS) products. ELS is a worldwide leading supplier of top quality laundry equipment, famous for its low energy consumption, reliability, high-performance electronic control, improved ergonomics, easy maintenance. Electrolux Professional products are accredited according to ISO standards.
COROI Maurice also officially distributes Pony finishing equipment. Pony commercialises reliable and robust equipment that is widely used in medium to large-size laundries. Thanks to constant technological innovation, Pony has built itself the reputation of being one the best-selling finishing equipment over the island.