Agricultural production is often hindered by insects like caterpillars and sucking insects. These invaders can significantly reduce crop yields and its overall quality through their feeding. Insecticides have proven to be effective solutions to minimise this damage by controllng insect pests.

Apart from agricultural usage,insecticides are commonly used in public health, and industrial applications, as well as at household and commercial levels (e.g control and eradication of cockroaches and termites).

Below is a summary of our major insecticide active ingredients. For further information, please contact us directly:

COROTHRIN 2.5 EC (deltamethrin 25g/l)
COROMEC 1.8 EC (abamectin 18 g/l)
HOTSHOT 20 SL (imidachloprid 200 g/l)
KARTO 5 EC (lambda cyhalothrin 50g/l)
PRIMA 20 SP (acetamiprid 200 g/kg)
SUPERTHRIN 10 EC (cypermethrin 100 g/l)