Power Generation

Caltex Power Generation Lubricants

Caltex's heritage in quality lubricants has resulted in many long-term alliances in the power generation industry.  This includes supporting leading manufacturers in original equipment.

As regards to hydroelectric, gas or coal-fired electric plants, proactive power generator, management has turned towards top quality Chevron Lubricants for round-the-clock reliabilty, safety and operational performance.

  • Hydraulic System Oils
Rando® HD
Rando HDZ
Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW
  • Compressor Oils
Compressor Oil VDL oils
Cetus HiPerSYN® Oils
  • Greases
Starplex 2
Multifak® EP
SRI-2 Grease
Ultra-Duty Grease EP
Delo Grease ESI 2
Multifax RSP 3
  • Gear Lubricants
Delo Gear Lubricant ESI SAE 80W-90 and SAE 85W-140
Pinnacle Marine (ISO 220 Synthetic POA)
Meropa (ISO 68 - 680)
Ultra Gear (ISO 150 and 460)
  • Metalworking Fluids
Soluble Oil 
  • Coolants
Havoline Xtended Life Coolant Premixed 33/67
Delo XLC Premixed 50/50
Delo ECL Premixed 50/50