When it comes to agricultural production, it is an undisputable fact that weeds compete with valuable commecial crops for nutrients and thus decrease yields.  A common practice is to apply herbicides for reduction of manual and mechanical weeding, hence cutting off labour costs.

Herbicides suppress weeds and can be applied at pre or post emergence of weeds. Two types of herbicides are commercialised: contact herbicide and systemic herbicide, and both may take solid or liquid form.

Please find below a brief all our major fungicide active ingredients. For further information, please contact us directly:

ACETOCHLOR 90% EC (acetochlor 900g/l)
ATRAZINE 90% WG (atrazine 900g/kg)
DIURON 80% WG (diuron 800g/kg)
FLUROXYPYR 20 EC (fluroxypyr 287.7 g a.i./l, 200 g a.e./l)
Glypho-SCAT WG (glyphosate 747 g a.i./kg, 680 g a.e./kg)
HEXAZINONE 75% WG (hexazinone 750 g/kg)
MET-COR 48% SC (metribuzin 480g/l)
OXYFLUORFEN 24% EC (oxyfluorfen 240g/l)
SLAM 40% SL (asulam 400g/l)
THOR 80% WDG (tebuthiuron 800g/kg)
2,4-D AMINE SALT (2,4-D amine salt 860 g a.e./l, 720 g a.i./l)