Home & Garden

COROI Maurice provides assistance to its clients when it comes to the selection of their cleaning equipment.

Our products targeting the general public are available at our showrooms, the Kärcher Center at Quatre Bornes and Lowervale and through our network of authorised resellers.  

The high-quality, convenient and powerful machines dissolve the most stubborn dirt and stains within seconds – quickly, easily and effortlessly by the touch of a button. And your hands stay clean!

  • Vacuum cleaners

Our range of multi-purpose vacuums cleaners is perfect for any tough cleaning jobs.

  • Steam cleaners

Thanks to Kärcher's steam cleaners particularly the power of its steam, the use of cleaning agents is no more required to clean everything right down to the pores.  Getting rid of chemicals represents more safety for children at home.  Think about it!

  • Window cleaners

Cleaning smooth surfaces such as windows, tiles and mirrors without leaving streaks is now less time-consuming thanks to Kärcher Window Vacuums.

  • Floor polishers

Kärcher Vaccum Polishers achieve optimal results when it comes to polishing parquet, laminate, stone, PVC, cork or linoleum. Its triangular shape makes its ideal for polishing in corners and other unreachable places.

  • Electric brooms

Perfect for quick, in-between cleanups of offices, shops, bars and restaurants, Kärcher electric brooms are so quiet that they are fully fit for daytime cleaning.

  • Scrubber Driers

The FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner is the easy way to vaccum up light debris and wash your floors clean simultenously. 

  • Watering and irrigation accessories

Kärcher provides for an extensive selection of watering accessories for garden lovers including nozzles, spray guns, sprinklers, hoses, watering units, pumps, hose connector and storage systems to maximise efficiency.

  • Consumables such as detergent and vacuum bags, etc.

A full range of all kinds of accessories for your High Pressure Cleaners, Vacuum Cleaners, Steam Cleaners.