1974 Creation of COROI Maurice by Marcellin Bourdillon (Marbour Group), in partnership with Mauritian stakeholders.
Additional capital was received from a new shareholder, the Constance Group.
Bulk Bitumen Company (BBC) became our subsidairy, specialised in the import, strorage and distribution of bulk bitumen.
 1995 COROI Maurice created Freeshore, its offshore subsidiary, specialised in the export of chemicals and equipment in the Indian Ocean.
 2002 Centralisation of COROI'S core activities at its Head Office at Pailles regrouping its main departments namely Chemical, Agrosupplies, Hotel-Restaurants-Catering (HoReCa) Sector, Cleaning & Gardening, and the After Sales Service. Moreover COROI has a store with a capacity of 1300m3
 2004 COROI Maurice celebrates its 30th corporate anniversary while the company continues to experience a constant level of development and growth.
 2008 Launching of our new corporate identity and motto: "Les professionnels ne s’adressent coroi"
Our subsidiary, Bulk Bitumen Co. (BBC) was sold to one of our clients operating in building and engineering works.
 2009 Despite challenging market conditions both locally and worldwide, COROI Maurice has continued experiencing growth thanks to the diversification of its activities with the launch of PEST OFF! pest control services.
 2011 Opening of Kärcher Center at Quatre Bornes.
 2014 COROI Maurice is the authorised distributor of Caltex Lubricants in Mauritius.  
   The company reached the historic milestone of 40th corporate anniversary.
 2016 Opening of a new Kärcher Center at Lower Vale in the north.
 2020 Opening of a new Kärcher Center in the south at Plaisance Shopping Village, Rose Belle.