The very first line of activity of COROI Maurice being the chemical sector, the company boasts itself as one of the best-in-class industrial chemicals suppliers over the island in terms of experience.  Regarding storage capacity, COROI Maurice provides a warehouse of 1300 m³ which fully complies with local safety standards and regulations. Futhermore the company deals with a large portfolio of commodity and specialty chemicals geared towards the manufacturing industry.

Our dedicated team of technical sales representatives is always ready to serve, providing required appropriate and proactive support to our client in terms of product selection and usage.

We supply our range of products and services to a wide array of sectors:


Automative & Transport

Construction & Building Materials

Craft & Manufacturing

Detergent & Personal Care

Food Industry

Watch Components

Painting & Coating


Plastics, Packaging & Printing

Textiles & Dyeing

Water Treatment